Saturday, 25 January 2014

High Above Wide Lands

Last Saturday saw the first collective exhibition/ poetry reading/ drunk dancing event organised by myself and friend Claire Jane Carter. In the run up to the evening we had no idea what to expect, how the readings were going to be received, how many people would turn up...we were blown away by the response. Well over a hundred people showed up and despite trying, we couldn't even squeeze them all into my little shop. Evidently the people of Sheffield hold landscape very close to their hearts and even though the majority of people may never have been to a poetry reading or would consider themselves particularly arty, from the general vibe of the night, its fair to say everyone had a good time.

Heres a few snaps from the evening. The art is going to remain up in the shop until the 22nd feb, the readers however have gone home.

Claire-Jane Carter

Heather Dawe

Helen Mort

Niall Grimes

Photos courtesy of Sara Hill
and Jordanna Farrimond

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